The Prep Year at Flinders is an exciting and dynamic time for our youngest students and their families. Our College provides a supportive and inspiring community to give our Preppies a positive start to their schooling journeys as they begin to develop their knowledge, skills, understandings and character.

“Prep is a very exciting year. Children are encouraged to embrace every opportunity, build their independence, explore their interests and grow as accomplished learners.

We know that connections with teachers, peers and the environment is essential to build the confidence needed to try new things. Children collaborate with peers, learning how to communicate, listen and work with others. We also know that providing opportunities for students to experience success on many different levels is critical for them to develop a positive attitude towards school.

We are continuously amazed at each child’s growth during their Prep year, as are their parents who simply love seeing their child flourish in their first year of school.”

Kersti Mowat, Head of Junior Primary

"You are off to great places. Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting. So...get on your way."


Academic Development

In the Early Years at Flinders, there is a strong focus on literacy and numeracy as well as developing a positive approach to learning. Students are taught within a framework that builds surface and deep understanding in order to apply learning to more complex tasks as they progress through their Primary years.

To achieve this firm academic foundation for each child in Junior Primary, our teachers engage in evidence-based strategies, including explicit teaching, feedback, practise and leveraging creativity, along with many hands-on activities to engage and enhance each child’s learning.

At Flinders, we aim to nurture children’s interest and excitement in discovering new ideas and to build their confidence through setting them up for success. Teaching resilience, collaboration, persistence and communication skills assists our students to develop effective learning dispositions and to genuinely flourish in their early years at school.

Culture of Kindness,
Friendships and Respect

Important social skills are taught in Prep at Flinders, such as how to build relationships and establish values of kindness and respect.

This conscientious approach ensures that each child is known and appreciated as a whole person who is very important to the Flinders family.

For example, to help our Prep students feel welcomed and settled as they commence Prep, they are paired with an older buddy who spends time with them in the classroom and play areas.

Prep teacher and Year Level Co-ordinator, Mr Andrew Garrett says, “As we commence the Prep year, our focus is to get to know each other. We spend time talking, playing, making, drawing and laughing about the things that are special to each of us – our families, our pets, our bikes and scooters, our grandparents and cousins, our favourite books and songs, our trips to the beach and our holidays.

“We teach children about valuing difference and accepting people as they are. It’s beautiful to see the strong class bonds that form as they get to know each other better each day.”

Opportunities in Prep

Co-curricular activities are conducted outside of school hours or during lunch breaks and enable children to take an interest in a variety of activities.

Prep students are offered a range of activities with options increasing in Year 1. Prep students have the option of joining modified sports such as netball, cricket and AFL outside of school hours and at extra cost, while Chess and Garden Club in Semester Two are available during school lunchtimes as part of our in-school activities.

Committed and
Passionate Staff Team

Flinders’ committed and passionate team of educators, including classroom and specialist teachers, teacher aides and the leadership team, work together to build each child’s confidence and the resilience they need to develop a sense of belonging in the Prep Year.

The four Prep classes at Flinders are each guided by a teacher and teacher-aide. Prep teacher and Year Level Co-ordinator, Mr Andrew Garrett says, “We want parents to feel completely confident in our ability to handle their child’s big feelings. 

“It’s our job as teachers to make our new Preppies feel comfortable, to show them how to make new friends and to create a sense of family and unity from day one.

“Prep is so much fun; parents can trust that we will support their child to manage all of their emotions, from exhilaration to excitement, and even a little nervousness. By morning tea on the first day, it is smiles galore and we love to see each of our students embracing the adventure of learning.”

Transitioning to Prep

At Flinders, we welcome students into the Prep year through a friendly, consistent and helpful transition program, including Prep interviews, a Parent Orientation Session, Orientation Play Mornings and opportunities to get to know their Prep teacher.

These events help Prep students develop familiarity with the environment, build connections with staff and other students, and experience a taste of school life before their first day of Prep.

These events also help our teachers to gain insight into your child’s character, personality, experience, abilities and dispositions towards learning to help them enjoy a smooth start to Prep.

If you’d like some practical tips on how to help your child prepare for Prep, please fill in the form below.

Note: Due to the high demand for places at the College, we encourage families to register early for the Preparatory Year. As a guide, we suggest two years prior to entry. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information regarding waiting pools. 

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