Pastoral Care

žžƵ Academy understands that when students feel settled and secure they will achieve more. The academy’s pastoral system – or the network of support we provide to students and parents – is a real strength and forms the basis of all that we do.

When students arrive at žžƵ, they are allocated to a college and subsequently a vertical tutor group (VT Group). Vertical tutoring allows supportive relationships to be formed with students from other year groups. Through VT, teaching and support staff are able to build relationships and be a regular point of contact throughout the week. Regular supportive conversations take place regarding behaviour, attendance and the curriculum to help students reach their potential and beyond.  /key-info/vertical-tutoring/

Every college has a College Manager who ensures that all students in their college feel valued and supported. The College Manager is also the first point of contact for parents and carers who need to communicate with the academy.

The academy also has a Student Wellbeing Team who provide additional pastoral support where needed. The pastoral team work extensively with the students in their care and make every effort to understand their needs. The Student Wellbeing Team are a dedicated team that support our most vulnerable students. Having such a team is an invaluable resource in ensuring our students receive the very best pastoral care and have access to the right outside agencies.

You will often hear about the ‘family feel’ at žžƵ Academy and our pastoral care, which is based on our , enables our young people to resolve any issue which may be impacting upon their education.

College Managers

All students at žžƵ Academy belong to one of seven colleges – Attenborough, Hockney, Oliver, Priestley, Redgrave, Stewart or Whiteley. Each college is led by a College Manager, who are supported by a team of Deputy College Managers. Overseeing this team is our Lead College Manager.

College Managers are the first point of contact for you regarding any problems, either at the academy or at home. Your dedicated College Manager will work with you to resolve any queries or concerns. It is also important that you alert us to anything happening at home which may impact upon your child at the academy, so that any necessary support can be arranged. You can discuss any matter in confidence with us. It is recommended that you telephone your College Manager via the main Reception 01422 244890 as they will be able to advise if this member of staff is available and arrange a call back for you if necessary.

The College Managers:

Attenborough: Miss C Partington
Hockney: Mrs J Saltonstall
Oliver: Miss B Woodhead
Priestley: Mr U Khan
Redgrave: Mr D Warner
Stewart: Miss R Cumberworth
Whiteley: Mr J Birkhead

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
žžƵ Scholars

žžƵ Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000